Two siblings formed WHOLLY GREENS, with a desire to experience the natural drinks and snacks of their native African (Nigerian) heritage in Canada. As children, they savored the unique local nuts and seeds that children would want to eat with relish, the drinks, butters, sauces and snacks made of pure natural condiments that could only have perfectly nourished and provided the healthy nutrition they grew up with and were accustomed to.

Their desire to replicate natural drinks inspired the production of fresh fruit and vegetables juices, for that rich satiating palate. The need to provide variety led to the creation of the Nut Milkman, a line of fresh, wholesome nut milks for discerning, healthy conscious adults wanting to experiment with new tastes.

Being entrepreneurial in nature, they were convinced they could recreate their cravings whilst satisfying and delighting buyers with healthy and positive lifestyles, free of artificial and unnatural ingredients.  

This is a story of great ambition, to create quality and high standard retail made-to-order products for discerning customers and consumers, to inspire buyers with products that can only improve healthy living initiatives beyond imagination.